Treatment: What to Expect?

ear acupuncture treatment

Treatment Q&A’s

Here are some questions and answers you might have to do with your Ear Acupuncture Treatment:

Q. When should I not have acupuncture?

If you are a haemophiliac or are on blood thinners like warfarin.

Q. What can I expect during a treatment?

The acupuncturist will ask some health-related questions to understand your history and problems.  You will be seated for your ear acupuncture treatment. You will be given a sterile alcohol swab and be shown how to clean the inside of your ears. Once you feel comfortable and are ready, your therapist will ask your permission to commence and approach you.

After this, he will gently insert 5 sterile, single-use neinserting acupuncture needlesedles into specific acupuncture points on the ear.  Feedback is welcomed and you can let your therapist know if you feel anything.  Most clients feel a sense of relaxation once the needles are in place.

You then sit quietly listening to soft music for about 45 minutes. This time allows the needles to do their ‘work’.  After the treatment you will most likely feel relaxed and revitalized!

We recommend you sit quietly, comfortably and listen to the music. You can choose silence if you prefer. Also it is important not to cross your arms and legs during your treatment. This allows the energy to flow better.  Try to forget about your busy day and cell phone. Rather observe what comes up for you – sensations, emotions, relaxation etc. You can provide this information to your therapist after the session.

Q. Is There Anything I Need to Do for My Treatment?

Preferably eat something before your treatment and have some water.   Wear comfortable clothing.  Your therapist will ask you to tilt your head to one side to locate the anatomical points on your ear in order to precisely and gently insert each needle as you breathe out.

To make your experience more pleasant, be still when the needles are in place. You could close your eyes. Please also advise your therapist of the current list of medications you are taking.


  • Breathe out when asked to as this helps minimise discomfort during needle insertion
  • Sit upright with legs uncrossed and hands on lap
  • Relax and listen to the music (you can close your eyes)
  • Observe if anything comes up for you
  • If a needle comes loose or falls out don’t try and find it. Sit until the end of the session and your therapist will assist you to locate it.

Q. Does it hurt?

The needle is small and very fine (0.22mm) like a hair. It is not like a syringe needle with a cutting edge. This kind of acupuncture needle actually glides through the skin, and you will usually not notice it.  If you do feel something, it will not be intense and breathing out will help you. Any initial discomfort will pass.

After the needle is in place you may feel various sensations, but none of them should be painful. Feeling something means the acupuncture is working on that point and is a good thing. e.g. if you have had a lot of alcohol your liver point may respond and you may feel some nausea as you detox. This feeling will go away!

Q.  Are the needles sterile?

Yes. We use sterile, single-use acupuncture needles for every treatment. We will count them afterward to make sure we have retrieved all of them for disposal.

Q. Can ear acupuncture harm me?

No! You cannot be harmed by ear acupuncture. You can only benefit. It serves to detox you and balance your systems. Many patients find the benefits so amazing, they want to have ear acupuncture on a regular basis.