Stress and PTSD

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Stress and PTSD

Stress and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is effectively managed and reduced through Ear acupuncture.

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Both stress and PTSD can give rise to anxiety, irritability, a feeling of not coping, helplessness, insomnia and even depression.

Many patients experience a reduction in stress and anxiety during and after their ear acupuncture treatment. Additionally they report feeling calmer, more relaxed and sleep much better. One of the reasons is that two of the five acupuncture points we access are specifically for stress and anxiety.

Traumatised individuals benefitted!

Much of the original medical research on ear acupuncture was on war veterans. They had PTSD. Many became addicted to drugs and alcohol or developed other mental health conditions from the trauma.

Ear acupuncture helped reduce the PTSD significantly. Many patients also sought supportive therapy at the same time such as trauma counselling, and did ptsd stresswell. After 9/11 in New York, many people were traumatized. An ear acupuncture clinic was set up nearby and slowly but surely dozens of people went for treatment. They recommended others to attend for ear acupuncture as they had benefitted. Each day more people arrived  for treatments.

The impact of stress

Stress affects most people in the world today. Stressors include:

  • financial problems
  • relationship problems
  • workplace problems
  • unemployment
  • divorce
  • ill-health
  • demands
  • crime
  • the fast pace
  • technology
  • expectations

Too much stress can make us very ill. We lack energy, cannot sleep well, can’t function properly, feel over-whelmed and cannot cope. This gives rise to anxiety and irrritability. We also find an increase in unhealthy addictions such as smoking, over-eating, alcohol and drugs, which can make us more ill.

stress manEar acupuncture and Acudetox can help balance you and eliminate the physical and abstract toxins from your body. In turn you will feel healthier, calmer and happier. If you have an addiction, ear acupuncture will help you end your addiction. You will not experience typical withdrawal sypmtoms and not relapse.

The ear acupuncture treatment is non-verbal and gentle. We place the needles in each ear and let you be in your space, relaxing, listening to peaceful music and benefitting from the treatment.