Stopping Smoking

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Stopping smoking with success using ear acupuncture

Smoking Cessation Treatments are plentiful, but do not always produce the desired outcome. The smoker who desires to quit, or who needs to quit for health reasons struggles with stopping smoking and often relapses. Yes, there has to be the desire to stop and the will-power to do so, however smoking is a chemical-based addiction and there are cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
 Eastop smoking acupuncturer acupuncture, in conjunction with the use of gold magnets placed on very specific points can help you give up smoking and not relapse. Often this can be achieved in one treatment session. This has to be worth a try!

This has been shown to be so effective, many people are able to give up smoking after their first session!

We are so confident about this that we will only charge you for one session – if you need to come back a second or third time we will not charge you for that!

What to expect in this treatment to help you stop smoking:

  1. We will have a discussion about your smoking and cigarette smoking in general.ear acupuncture
  2. We will insert 5 acupuncture needles in each ear into very precise points, for a period of 45 minutes.
  3. Thereafter we will position 2 tiny gold magnets on a plaster on the inside and behind each ear that you will keep on for several days to continue to work those precise points by generating a magnetic field around the point.insert ear magnetstop smoking
  4. Hopefully that is all you will need to stop smoking.



Have an open heart and open mind to receive these benefits.

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