Fee Structure

feeFee structure for the different ear acupuncture treatments we offer:

Our ear acupuncture fee is determined by the duration of your appointment and the consumables used. The treatment session is typically 45 minutes. Furthermore we also allow 5-10 minutes before and after. Thus you should give yourself a total of 1 hour.

We have a set fee of R250 which we feel is very affordable and reasonable. Most of all it also includes the cost of the consumables.

Furthermore, if we feel you would benefit from Magnotherapy as well, we will attach gold magnets to your ears. There is an additional fee of R50 per gold magnet. Only 1 or 2 magnets get placed onto each ear. They are on a flesh-couloured, sticky plaster so are not that visible. These will stay on for several days.

In addition, to help you make further savings, we also offer a special package of 10 treatments for R2000. This fee is payable in advance, making it R200 per treatment, rather than R250, therefore saving you R500.

For smoking cessation, there is a set fee of R750 for the treatment. This includes a counselling session beforehand and the application of 2-4 expensive gold magnets after the acupuncture. We should be able to achieve smoking cessation in one treatment, but should you need to come back, there will be no further charge for this. This would cover 2 more visits if needed.

Summary of our Treatment Fees

Type of Treatment Fee
Ear Acupuncture single treatments (1 hour) R250
Package of 10 Ear Acupuncture treatments paid in advance (R200 per session, save R500) R2000
Smoking Cessation (Stopping Smoking) acupuncture, includes counselling and magnets (up to 1.5 hours duration) R750
ADHD, ADD treatment with acupuncture and magnets (1 hour) R350
Additional gold magnets, price per magnet R50