Fee Structure


Our ear acupuncture fee is determined by the duration of your appointment, what we are treating and the consumables used. The treatment session is typically 45 minutes. Furthermore we also allow 5-10 minutes before and after. Thus you should give yourself a total of 1 hour.

Acupuncture fees are affordable and reasonable. Most of all it also includes the cost of the consumables. Based on your needs at your consultation, we will be able to quote you accordingly.

Furthermore, we often combine ear acupuncture with Magnotherapy and will attach gold magnets to your ears. There would be an additional charge to cover the costs of these gold magnets. Only 1 or 2 magnets are placed onto each ear. They are on a flesh-couloured, sticky plaster so are not that visible. These will stay on for several days.

For smoking cessation, there is a set fee for the treatment which we can advise you of when you enquire with us. This includes a counselling session beforehand and the application of 2-4 gold magnets after the acupuncture. We should be able to achieve smoking cessation in one treatment, but should you need to come back, there will be no further charge for this. This would cover 2 more visits if needed.