BodyMind AcuHealing Centre for Ear Acupuncture


At BodyMind AcuHealing we offer Holistic Healing using Ear Acupuncture.

BodyMindAcuHealing stands for “helping to heal the body and mind using ear acupuncture”.

We know the body can heal itself. Acupuncture can help with this by helping to balance the body systems and detox the body. In ancient civilizations, they were able to heal the body without the strong drugs we have created today.

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Western medicine treats us with dozens of drugs to treat illness and disease. Some are prescription drugs and others are over the counter. They often have side-effects that can make a person feel unwell, and only suppress symptoms. Some people are taking up to 20 pills a day and these drugs can inter-react and cause further problems.

We feel that complementary therapies have value. Perhaps we should not depend exclusively on drugs to manage illness, but should look to other treatments like acupuncture, that are not harmful, and could be beneficial.

Strong drugs do not help you in the long run nor allow the body to heal.

For decades, ear acupuncture, used alone or in conjunction with other modalities, produces excellent results.

Ear acupuncture restores balance, detoxifies the body of physical and abstract toxins. This helps you heal and feel well again.